Responsible Business

At Kährs Group we are strongly committed to business ethics and integrity. We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity, and we do not tolerate any behaviour that does not show the appropriate respect to other people.

Being part of the Kährs' family, whether as an employee or a business partner, means to act with integrity and a spirit of fair dealing while also promoting diversity and inclusion.

Our strive to become a fair partner to everyone

Health, equality, diversity and working conditions are factors that affect people's well-being. Kährs Group is responsible for ensuring that human rights are respected throughout the value chain and works to create good working and social conditions for both its own employees and employees in partner companies.

Sustainability is integrated in Kährs' strategy and target-setting as well as in our risk management. Learn more about the sustainability and governance policies that guide our actions and decisions


ESG Principles

Our work towards running a long term sustainable business across stakeholders incorporates the ESG principles:

E = Environment - Our committment to environmental responsibility

S = Corporate Social Responsibility - Kährs incorporates social responsibility principles in our actions, respecting the interests of all stakeholders

G = Governance - Doing business ethically and with integrity is a foundation of our success