Sustainable Innovation

Innovation has always been at the core of Kährs from the early times when the multi-layered engineered parquet was invented, to addressing one of the main challenges of today, the sustainability footprint.

Kährs wants to contribute to a more sustainable future while growing the company in a responsible and profitable way.

Driving innovation is more important than ever

Our dedication is on offering solutions that will enable better floors. Better for our customers while also being better for the planet.

Today we are integrating sustainability as a core requisite in any development. Ensuring that we use the latest research findings in technology and materials when we improve our products and processes. This approach to innovation and product development will ensure safe-to-use and long-lasting floors for every purpose and use.


Innovative Interaction

Innovation also includes how we develop our interaction with stakeholders where digitalization has an ever-growing importance.

Today’s customers make fact-based buying decisions.

Kährs work to digitally support every step of the buying process. From inspiration to facts confirming compliance with the needs of each specific customer or decision maker. From private homeowners to specifiers with rigorous requirements for new buildings.