We are customer focused throughout our operations and the efforts of each one of us support and contribute to a successful customer journey and thus to the success of Kährs!

Our premium brand value is built on people thriving and developing - contributing with engagement, dedication, curiosity and passion for their work! We strongly believe that this is best achieved through building a winning culture where work becomes more meaningful and rewarding for everyone.

The four pillars of Kährs' culture.

What does this mean?
Read how some of our employees reflected on the keywords and what they mean for daily work at Kährs:

"Being passionate for what you do and seeing a clear value of your contributions"​

"Constantly being proactive for new solutions, not accepting status quo"​

"Feeling connected to the mission of Kährs - having a high self-motivation"
"We build trust based on interaction and transparency"​
"Actively listen to new ideas from different stakeholder externally and internally"​
"Encourage new initiatives and allow mistakes – learn from others"
"Showing the highest standards of business ethics
"Deliver upon promises, and keep stakeholders informed when an issue arises"
"Maintain effective work habits, demonstrate integrity and provide excellence"
"Yes we can do it – to be accountable and responsible for activities"
"Share information – secure clarity in roles & responsibilities"
"Encouraging decision making throughout the organization"