Curiosity, persistance, nose for business and a genuine interest in solving everyday problems in smarter ways is Kährs' hallmark and has been so throughout history.

In many ways we are still driven by the same incentives today, transformed to large scale strategies and with our focus solely on putting smarter flooring solutions on the market.


Kährs was founded in Sweden

Swedish Johan Kähr Sr founded a small turning shop, making household utencils of wood.


Kährs received the patent of the multi-layer floor board - the multi-layer parquet was invented.

Gustaf Kähr, grandson of the founder, was dedicated to finding efficient ways of using the wood raw material and improving the stability of wood when used as building materials. His perseverance paid off when in 1937 he received the patent for the invention of the modern multi-layer, laminated door.

Following this success he worked to find a solution for the problem of gapping, twisting and cupping of wood floors. In 1941 Kährs was awarded a patent for the multi-layer floor, today's modern engineered hardwood floor.


Upofloor was founded, producing resilient flooring

Manufacturing of resilient coverings begins in Nokia. Production expands in 1960s to include public spaces' resilient mats and flexible vinyl mats.


Karelia Parketti was founded

Karelia Parketti begins from Parkettiliike Väänänen Oy, founded by Heikki Väänänen to engage in hardwood flooring installation, wholesale and imports.


karelia-oak-story-dacite-grey-188 int01-320.jpg
Own wood floor production of Karelia brand begins

Tuupovaara hardwood flooring factory acquired by Karelia Parketti Oy. Production of hardwood flooring with Karelia trademark begins in 1992.


- Woodloc® worlds’ first glue-less locking system was introduced.

- Karelia & Upofloor merged

Kährs introduced the world’s first wood floor with a glueless Woodloc® joint - today referred to as Click-flooring. The technology was revolutionary, resulting in faster installation and giving perfect results, as well as eliminating gapping between the boards, caused by indoor climate-changes.


World’s first PVC-free resilient flooring launched

Upofloor became a pioneer in PVC-free floorings with the introduction of safe and environmentally preferable, durable products for areas with heavy wear.   


Kährs & Karelia-Upofloor merged, creating Kährs Group, a world-leading flooring company

Kährs and Karelia-Upofloor Oy, two flooring companies became one. Creating a leading flooring company with offering in both residential and commercial flooring already at that time with a strong offering targeting healthcare and education with Upofloor PVC-free resilient products.  


Kährs becomes full range flooring supplier adding Kährs Luxury Tiles 

Through the acquisition of Ehrenborg (2018), Kährs Group strengthens its sales and distribution to customers in commercial projects and broadens its product portfolio with new products in project sales as Luxury Vinyl Tiles. In 2019 LVT is integrated into the Kährs offering for both residential and commercial use under the Kährs brand.

In 2019 Kährs Group also enters a partnership with carpet tile company modulyss for sales in the Nordic market.


Introducing Kährs Life, a new generation durable wood flooring

Real wooden floors with properties that are close to those of durable vinyl floors. Kährs Life veneer flooring combines the best of two worlds where the beauty of the wood meets the practical properties of a vinyl floor.

A perfect balance of aesthetic and the practical, where function meets the beauty of the wood. With excellent wear and impact resistance Kährs Life is designed to last - even in commercial use.


Two new ecolabelled ranges: Zero & Green & biobased Luxury Tiles Aware

Kährs is continuously seeking to reduce its environmental footprint and innovative new materials is one of the focus areas in the company’s sustainability strategy.

Kährs Zero & Green Resilient Flooring and Biobased Luxury Tiles in the Aware Collection are the latest example of sustainable innovation from the company.