Climate & Environmental Protection

Kährs has a continuous focus on reducing its footprint across the whole value chain


Reduce climate footprint & become climate positive, support and improve biodiversity and regenerate resources while growing Kährs business.




• Working towards Science Based Targets including FLAG targets, short & long-term

• Enable circular business opportunities

• Regenerate resources, protecting ecosystems and support and improve biodiversity. Assess nature related risks & opportunities in accordance with TNFD framework.



• Climate data collected scope for 1,2 & 3, which has enabled us to: 
Make a commitment and send target for approval under the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) including FLAG

• Carbon emission reduction achieved for 2025

• Takeback of installation waste from PVC-free resilient flooring as part of  our strive to become more circular

• Kährs own operations run on 100 percent certifid green electricity

• Our own operations have taken significant steps towards becoming fossil free. In Sweden, all internal transportations use electricity or fossil free fuel.