Kährs Residential Flooring

The right flooring is one of the cornerstones of a beautiful home. It should look good, be comfortable to walk on and functional for daily use. Factors that can influence the choice include appearance, feel, colour, space and care.

Kährs offer a broad assortment of floors to suit all tastes and interiors, ranging from warm, natural wood floors to resilient vinyl floors and vinyl-free floors with all the durability and advantages of modern flooring technology.

3-layer Parquet Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring

The multi layered engineered flooring board was originally invented by Kährs. Its use and design possibilities combined with ease of installation and long lasting beauty has made this type of wood flooring the most preferred choice globally.

2-layer Parquet Flooring

Endless design possibilities and flexibility 

For residential and commercial use, glue-down installation.
The 2-layer floors consist of a surface layer and backing. The core material is made from pine/spruce lamella. The total thickness of the floor is 11 mm. The surface layer can be re-sanded 3-4 times. 

3-layer Veneer Flooring

Thin wood flooring, perfect for residential renovation 

Our veneer flooring consists of three layers; surface, core and backing. The core is made from HDF and the total total thickness is 7 mm. They are popular to use in renovations due to their handy dimensions and cost efficiency - without compromising on genuine wood and quality. 

Biobased Luxury Tiles - Aware

Durable, vinyl-free floor based on recycled and biobased materials.

A range of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled wood design planks made from bio-based materials such as HDF from recycled wood, natural and recycled fibres from the textile industry and recycled cork from wine cork production. Aware is designed for family life as well as for demanding commercial use with classification 33, suitable for commercial environments such as shops and restaurants.

Luxury Tiles - Vinyl Floors

A wide range of modern, high-quality floors providing excellent durability even in areas with high traffic.

 They are suitable for hotels, offices, restaurants, stores, private homes and hospitals alikeOur Luxury Tiles are produced with focus on promoting a good indoor air quality; all our vinyl floors are phthalate-free and we also offer a PVC-free range – Xpression