Kährs in Brief

Innovative leader in Premium Wood, Luxury Tiles, Hybrids & Resilient Flooring

Kährs offers premium flooring to the Residential market and to Commercial applications. 

For many decades, the innovative flooring solutions from Kährs Group have influenced the flooring market and we are constantly developing our offer to enhance the value for our customers - whether for private or commercial/ public spaces.


The Kährs brand

Kahrs brand logo png.png

The Kährs brand is well-known and appreciated for its qualities and strong values: the Swedish Heritage; Nordic Design; Sustainable Innovation and Proven Quality.


Kährs Group head office: Kährs Holding AB (publ), Malmö, Sweden

Parent company: Kährs BondCo AB (publ)

Production and distribution of high quality, premium flooring for use in homes and, commercial and public spaces

Key market areas: Nordics, South & West Europe, the US

Net Sales: 2.9 billion SEK (2023)

Owners: Triton and Hartwall



1,100 in 17 countries (2023)

Yearly Net Sales


2.9 billion SEK (2023)
in ~70 countries



6 sites
5 countries