A floor should not just set the tone of the interior - It must also be made in a responsible way and promote health and wellbeing for people.

Health and wellbeing for people using our floors and for people who work for us or who are in any other way affected by our operations. 
Responsible in such a way that we do all in our power to reduce the adverse impact on people and planet! 


Some of our focus areas are:

• We continue improving the sustainability profiles of our products, developing flooring solutions made of recycled and biobased contents and solutions designed to be recycled.

• We will develop our certification strategy to create a strong foundation to serve customers' need for transparency in the best way. 

• We want to provide stakeholders with comprehensive sustainability related information to support more informed decision making.


• Two new product categories with superior sustainability profile launched recently. Both are environmentally certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel: PVC-free resilient Zero & Green and the hybrid Luxury tiles floor Aware Collection. 

• Takeback of installation waste from PVC-free resilient flooring 
•  Over 250 Nordic swan Ecolabelled floors to choose from in three product  categories - both for residential and commercial use
• All our floors have tested low emissions, promoting good indoor air quality