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Transforming into sustainable internal transportations

The overall transformation of more sustainable vehicles and fuels in the industry is currently ongoing and for us at Kährs this not only concerns transports between plants and to our customers, but also transporting and handling materials at our facilities. Here at Kährs we consider transportations running on alternatives to fossil fuel, e.g. electricity, HVO or Biogas to be green and our goal is to have a fossil free fuelled fleet of internal vehicles in five years. 

Looking at the entire fleet, all forklifts used indoors are electrical and we are currently testing and evaluating electrified trucks for our outdoor operations. We also aim for the energy used at our plants to be sustainable, as the case in Nybro where the electricity is certified 100% from renewable sources. When the alternatives do not allow electrical solutions, we strive for the best possible solutions, such as fossil free HVO for our heaviest machines.

The first electric forklift in the fleet of 17 vehicles for outdoor heavy lifting at Kährs in Nybro Sweden. 

In regards of external transportation, we encourage suppliers to actively work reducing their emissions from transportation. We demand all suppliers to have a plan for constantly improving towards the most optional sustainable alternative, while we select the best possible means of transportation (e.g. train, and ship when possible). All vehicles used in transportation involving Kährs should be classified Euroclass 5 at the minimum. We request better and more detailed statistics from our transportation suppliers for follow-up and measures – when we get better understanding of our biggest impact areas we can also plan for more effective measures.  

Sustainability and environmental actions are at the heart of Kährs Group and a sustainability approach sdg 13characterizes the entire organization. This is also why we aim to adapt towards the UN Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDG) that are set for 2030. One of the UN SDG’s that is of high concern to us is “Climate action” and thus greener transports are a crucial part of our commitment to reduce our operations’ impact on the climate.