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Kährs journey towards Zero Accidents

At Kährs, the safety and health aspects of the operations are a primary focus. Being a manufacturing company of our size, there are always risks to address and improvements to be made. We work purposefully on issues related to the health and well-being of our employees, with focus on establishing well-functioning routines to prevent accidents and illness caused by the workplace.

Awareness of stress-related risks and the commitment from managers are vital, as is the funding for investments and allocation of resources for implementing improvements. In recent years, we see positive effects of measures made with increased safety focus, such as risk assessments and safety rounds followed by improvement measures.  

We see a positive development as the number of work-related accidents on Kährs facilities has declined, and that accidents are less severe. Although with accidents still occurring, there are still room for improvements. Each number in the statistics is a person and our target is to have zero accidents.


A safety program called Safety-First, with four concrete steps have been implemented and standardized within Kährs operations world-wide.   

At all our facilities we now log all incidents and accidents in an occurrence system, (WIA) adapted for the industry. The system enables us to follow-up and investigate each incident or near miss in order to gain valuable knowledge to learn from so that we can prevent future incidents from happening.   

As Kährs has operations and facilities in various countries around the world, the work with the safety-first program has involved bridging cultural differences and making sure safety procedures and rules are compliant throughout the operations, regardless of location.  

Safety at Kährs   

We are determined to keep developing and improving our preventive measures and to keep learning and sharing in order to improve the culture on safety awareness and excellence throughout our global operations.  

Safety is the highest priority for us, and with the ultimate goal to have zero accidents we want to foster a healthy working environment and encourage healthy behaviors and attitudes. A priority for us is about shifting culture and make safety excellence the standard, where our goal is that all employees act safe by instinct. 

Many incidents can in retrospect be related to hasty decisions due to stressful situations. Even if stressful situations occur within our operations, we encourage our employees to follow rules and procedures, while not taking actions that would expose them to risks. We urge our employees to take a “time out”, to step back and get an overview before acting and to speak up if someone else is exposing themselves to risks.

Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-beingsdg 3

Kährs has within its sustainability program focused on six of the 2030 UN Sustainability Development Goals. The sustainability efforts span various sectors where health and well-being of our employees is one prioritized area, goal 3.

Our commitment to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees and customers is also connected to contributing to a better society and to a sustainable development.