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Kährs subsidizes replanting of the Swedish forest

The Swedish Forest Agency has stated that Swedish forests have a shortage of temperate deciduous (broadleaf) trees and a deteriorating biodiversity. With a history that goes back more than 160 years, Kährs is one of the world's oldest flooring manufacturers and we focus on long-term investments and maximum sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of our floors – all the way from the raw material to recycling product. As a flooring manufacturer we have a responsibility all the way to the finished product and we must have a long-term approach as it requires several decades for a tree to grow until it can be used in flooring manufacturing.

Kährs has decided to focus on six selected sustainable development goals within the UN's Agenda for 2030. sdg 15One of the selected goals is Life on Land, which entails combating climate change, protecting the ecosystems and biodiversity and promoting a sustainable use of land-based ecosystems. Swedish forest owners have the opportunity to receive state support for planting temperate forest and can obtain 80 percent of the cost in state subsidies. In order to encourage and give forest owners additional incentives to plant oak trees, Kährs subsidizes and pays the landowners the remaining 20 percent of the costs for the oak plants.
John Ahlgren
Photos: Roxx

"We have decided to subsidize the replanting of oak trees since we have experienced a great demand for oak wood flooring for a long time. Our aim is to continue to develop and manufacture floors from a lifecycle perspective, in line with our sustainable development efforts, for many generations to come," says John Ahlgren timber purchaser at Kährs.

Kährs business is based on a great respect for what nature has provided us with to develop and make use of in the best way. In addition to the subsidization of the replanting, Kährs engages in additional initiatives to promote sustainable use and operations in and of the forest’s resources. Among other things, the Ek magazine (Oak in Swedish) is published by Kährs’ forest office and our experts offer forest owners free training and advice