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Responsible Consumption

To reach a sustainable level of the use our planets' natural resources, it is imperative that companies and individuals make tougher demands and better practices that lead to sustainable development and consumption. Now that we are aware of how human activities contribute to climate change, we are beginning to see positive changes in behaviours, in our everyday lives, taking personal responsibility, and making climate-smart choices.

Even though more people are determined to make responsible choices in their everyday lives, it is not always easy to determine "how good or how sustainable a product is". Besides that, occurrence of planned obsolescence or planned aging of products has gained attention in recent years - which would contradict the principles of sustainable usage of the earth's resources and make it even more difficult for those who strive to consume responsibly if products are purposely produced to only last a certain time.

Kährs wants to contribute to more responsible consumption and way of living by offering high-quality, long-lasting flooring products, that will last for many, many years with proper maintenance. Sustainability at Kährs is about acting more responsibly throughout the entire lifecycle of our products; from the choice of materials, material sourcing, production; to the products being reused or recycled at the end of their useful life.

SDG12Sustainability and reducing climate impact are of top line priorities at Kährs. The Group's sustainability efforts have a strategic focus on six selected targets within the UN's Agenda 2030 for a Sustainable Development and #12 - Responsible Consumption and Production, is one of our targeted SDGs. Kährs, as a producer, have a commitment to act responsibly in all our operations and reduce our environmental impact and minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and we are in this journey together with our customers to live in more sustainable and responsible ways.

The UN defines responsible consumption as "being able to purchase what we need to meet our demands, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs". Switching to sustainable alternatives in our everyday life contributes positively to the climate and often have a positive impact on our health.

Useful tip!

If you need help deciding, look for products that are eco-labelled with, for example, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has conducted thorough reviews of every company and product that receives their eco-label, and the overall goal is to contribute to a more sustainable consumption.


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