2023-06-26 - Kährs Group

Kährs participates at Almedalen together with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

How can the EU simplify the sustainable choices of construction products? This is the topic of one of the seminars at Almedalen Week 2023.

Almedalen Week is a democratic meeting place for everyone and a tradition in Sweden in its present form since 1991. A place for dialogue, exchange and meetings that help to develop our society.

On June 28 Kährs' CMO, Charlotta Persfell, together with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, will discuss how to simplify sustainable choices and the effects of the legislative proposal that does not allow the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on the packaging of building products. How should the do-it-yourselfer be able to make the right choice if environmental labeling is prohibited?

All participants in the seminar:

Jakob Olofsgård, housing policy spokesperson, Liberalerna
Katarina Luhr, housing policy spokesperson, Miljöpartiet de gröna
Charlotta Persfell, CMO, Kährs Group
Håkan Larsson, head of social policy, Villaägarna
Lukas Sjölen, head of building products, Ecoabelling Sweden
Anna Norberg, moderator, Ecoabelling Sweden

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