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Resilient Flooring

Since Upofloor was founded in the 1950’s, we have revolutionized the view of traditional public space flooring. The products are today marketed under the Kährs brand and our focus is on creating smart flooring materials that are gentle on both people and the planet, wear resistant and easy to maintain. 


With the unique properties of Enomer®, Kährs Zero is perfect for in-door spaces subject to heavy wear-and-tear and with specific needs regarding cleanliness and easy maintenance.

The Kährs Zero family consists of Kährs Zero Sheet; a versatile, PVC-free flooring in 38 colours suitable for spaces with high safety requirements, Kährs Zero & GREEN, with the same properties as Kährs Zero Sheet but with 40% bio-based content in the virgin polymer, and Kährs Zero Sound; which is like Zero in terms of use, maintenance, and pattern but with additional acoustic and ergonomic qualities. A



Kährs Quartz Tiles are developed and designed following the principles of sustainable development. The tiles mainly consist of natural materials, such as quartz sand and calcium carbonates.

Combining excellent durability with easy installation and cost-effective maintenance, they can provide uncontested appearance and competitive lifecycle costs.




Kährs Estrad is a range of practical and versatile contract vinyl flooring for public permises, that provides excellent wear resistance and performance in demanding applications such as education, healthcare and service sectors. The Estrad family provides ideal flooring choices for different applications – Estrad Classic and Estrad Uni for normal commercial usage, Estrad Sound for spaces requiring impact sound resistance, Estrad Ultimate SD for eliminating static electricity, and Estrad Wall features wall coverings for wet rooms and other spaces with stringent hygiene requirements. Estrad Safety covers the coefficient of friction ratings of R10, R11 and R12, including products that are suitable for wet room flooring.