Luxury Tiles

Quality Vinyl & Vinyl free floors for all types of spaces, providing excellent durability even in areas with high traffic.

They are suitable for hotels, offices, restaurants, stores, private homes and hospitals alike.

Our Luxury Tiles are produced with focus on promoting a good indoor air quality; all our vinyl floors are phthalate-free and we also offer a PVC-free range – Xpression, and a biobased vinyl-free range – Aware.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Kährs Luxury Vinyl Tiles are based on innovative design and modern flooring technology. The result is a range of luxury vinyl floors that look like wood or stone, but offer maximum durability and a long life. They are scratch and dent resistant, easy to maintain, as well as to install.



Luxury Vinyl-free Tiles - Aware Collection

A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled bio-based, functional flooring with wood-feeling and increased comfort

The Aware collection is produced from natural, bio-based materials consisting of natural and recycled fibers from the textile industry, recycled wood and cork, which has enabled a certification by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - one of the strictest environmental labels on the market.



PVC-free Xpression

The Kährs Xpression range includes PVC free luxury planks made of the innovative flooring material Enomer®, developed and designed to please the eye, as well as benefit the environment. Enomer® is free from pvc, plasticizers, phthalates, halogens, chlorines and heavy metals. With its clean composition it promotes clean and healthy indoor air.