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Board of Directors

The mission of the Board is to contribute to a sound business development and control of the operations of the Group. The Board of Kährs Group has as one of its most important tasks to ensure long-term strategy, governance, monitoring and control of the company in order to create value for the owners, customers and other stakeholders.

The duties of the Board of Directors are regulated by the Swedish Companies Act, the Articles of Association, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and the Rules of Procedure adopted by the Board of Directors. These govern the number of meetings per financial year, which matters should be dealt with at the meetings and the distribution of work between the Board of Directors and the President. Normally, at least six board meetings are held each year.


Anders Wassberg


Anders Wassberg

Member of the Board since 2011.

Other assignments: CEO of Stena Adactum AB. Chairman of the Board of Ballingslöv International and Svedbergs. Board member of Inwido AB

Previous assignments include President and CEO of Ballingslöv International AB, President of AB Gustaf Kähr, President of Beijer Byggmaterial AB.

Education: MSc Eng. Chalmers University of Technology 


Board Member
Jan Johansson

Member of the Board since 2018.

Other Board assignments: Chairman of Midsummer, Serneke and OrganoClick and Board member of Vinda and Optigroup.

Previous assignments include CEO of SCA and Boliden and senior executive roles at companies such as Telia, Vattenfall and Shell.

Education: Master of Laws from Stockholm University 


Board Member
Jonas Köhlin

Member of the Board since 2021.

Other assignments: Head of Full Potential at Triton Advisers and Board member of FläktGroup.

Previous assignments include Bain & Company where he was a senior leader in the Industrial Goods & Services and Private Equity practices.

Education: MSc, Stockholm School of Economics



Board Member
Christoffer Marköö

Member of the Board since 2021.

Other assignments: Investment Advisory Professional at Triton Advisers and Board member of LeDap Group.

Has previously worked at TPG Capital as an investment professional and at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in their M&A/Corporate Finance team.

Education: MA in Management, University of St. Andrews

Mats Therman


Board Member

Mats Therman

Member of the Board since 2019.

Other assignments: Investment Manager at Hartwall Capital Oy, Board member Remeo Oy and Hermen Holdings Oy.

Previous assignments include CEO of HC Ventures Oy and CEO of Sparklike Oy.

Education: BSc Eng. Swedish Institute of Technology, Helsinki




Board Member 
Lisa Gøttler

Member of the board since 2021

Other assignments: Marketing & Category Management Director at Kvik

Previous assignments include Strategy Director at Dentsu International, Head of Amplifi at Dentsu International, Digital Director at Carat.

Education: MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Aarhus Business School 



Employee Representative

Ola Sjövill

Member of the Board since 2023.

Jakob Jakobsson 


Employee Representative

Jakob Jakobsson

Member of the Board since 2012.



Deloitte AB

Principal auditor: Maria Ekelund, Authorized Public Accountant.

Auditor for Kährs Group since 2022.