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Over 150 years of Experience & Innovations


1857 - Kährs was founded. Swedish Johan Kähr Sr founded a small turning shop, making household utencils of wood

1919 - AB Gustaf Kähr is founded. Gustaf Kähr, worked hard on the idea of making wood floors in a new way. He succeeded and 1941 Gustaf Kähr received the patent for the multi-layered/engineered wood floor

1955 - Upofloor Oy was founded, manufacturing resilient coverings in Nokia. Production expands in 1960s to include public spaces, resilient mats and flexible vinyl mats 

1981 - Karelia Parketti begins from Parkettiliike Väänänen, founded by Heikki Väänänen to engage in hardwood flooring installation, wholesale and imports. Production of hardwood flooring with Karelia trademark begins in 1992

2000 - Karelia Parketti and Upofloor merge to form Karelia Yhtymä group, that became Karelia-Upofloor Oy

2012 - Kährs and Karelia-Upofloor merged, creating a world leading flooring company - Kährs Group

Persistence, curiosity, nose for business and a genuine interest in solving everyday problems in smarter ways. Ingredients of the early operations of what was to become a world leading flooring company. In many ways we are still driven by the same incentives today, transformed to large scale strategies and with our focus solely on putting smarter flooring solutions on the market.

Innovations - Examples of achievements throughout the years:    

1941 – The multi-layer parquet board is born

A milestone in Kährs’ history – as well as in the history of wood flooring – was reached in 1941. Gustaf Kähr, grandson of the founder, was granted a patent for the multi-layered parquet board and the world’s first engineered parquet was born.


1941 Multi Layer parquet board

1958 – The first factory-lacquered wood floor

Previously, floors were installed and sanded before being lacquered on site. The production of a factory lacquered floor required a high degree of precision to ensure that the surface of the floor was smooth and consistent in use. Kährs introduced an accuracy in production that was unparalleled in wood processing.


1984 – Solvent-free lacquer

Kährs began its own environmental programme long before it became general practice in the industry. Kährs was the first floor manufacturer to be able to boast an entirely solvent-free production process.


1984 Solvent free lacquer

2000 – Woodloc®, a world innovation

Kährs introduced the world’s first wood floor with a glueless Woodloc® joint. The technology was seen as revolutionary, resulting in faster installation and giving perfect results, as well as eliminating gapping between the boards, caused by climate-change.


2000 Woodloc

2004 – The world’s first PVC-free resilient flooring

Upofloor became a pioneer in PVC-free floorings with the introduction of safe and environmentally preferable, durable products for areas with heavy wear.   


PVC-free pioneer 

2011 – The world's first wood floors made from dual FSC® and Faitrade-certified wood.

Kährs manufactures and sells the world's first floor with both FSC® and Fairtrade labeled wood. Dual certification not only supports the restoration of biodiversity in the forests but will help alleviate poverty by bringing a sustainable income opportunity to local tree farmers/foresters.


2011 FSC Fairtrade 

2014 – Upofloor Zero – the world's first PVC free homogeneous contract sheet flooring

Upofloor introduces a new homogeneous contract sheet flooring material, specially developed for healthcare and education sectors. Easy to maintain and extremely resistant to staining and scratching yet flexible and simple to install.


2014 - Upofloor Zero