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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Kährs Group has made a public commitment to incorporate social responsibility principles in our actions, respecting the interests of all stakeholders.

Dual Certified FSC® and Fairtrade wood

Kährs was the first floor producer in the world to support and produce flooring using dual certified FSC® and Fairtrade certified timber. 

Kährs Group supports responsible forestry and is certified by both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Cooperation and Education

Forest owners

Kährs Group purchases hardwood from thousands of forest owners. The company holds "Forest Days" and publishes Oak Magazine to educate hardwood foresters about responsible forestry, harvesting techniques and replanting funds available from the European Union. 

Universities and schools

Kährs Group has storm water and process water projects in a triple-helix cooperation with Linnaeus University, government agencies and industry partners from 2007-2014. This research provided valuable, shared knowledge to the process wood industry while improving our own operations. Six students earned their PhD's from these research projects.

The Nybro site welcomes hundreds of students, customers, and industry professionals each year to learn first hand about our products and CSR work.




2011 FSC FairtradeFirst floor made of
FSC® and
Fairtrade certified wood

Tidningen Ek från Kährs Skogskontor
Magazine Oak,
information and
education to forest owners.