2022-09-19 - Kährs Group

Sustainability collaboration with master's students at Lund University

During 2023 Kährs will work together with Lund University and their newly started sustainability initiative “Change Maker Future Track”. 

It is an extra-curricular part of 35 handpicked master students from 13 different master's programs at Lund University. The students come from a wide range of master's programs at LUSEM (Lund University School of Economics and Management), giving them the added bonus of meeting others with the similar interests, but different areas of expertise. The participants were chosen out of a large number of applicants. During the Change Maker Future Track, they will work on real life challenges from four different companies, Kährs being one of them. 

The case the students will focus on at Kährs is to work on and propose circular business opportunities for Kährs. What would it take for Kährs to become circular? What do we have in our portfolio already today that is "circular" and how could we tap into business models and opportunities with the aim to become circular? Including finding solutions for how to take care of installation waste of resilient floors?

This collaboration and initiative is an important part of both focusing on our commitment to transform into a circular business, but also, to work together with others, collaborate and advocate for change which is an essential part of Sustainability business change and growth. 

Collaborating with students and other organizations, not only help us to open up our eyes to new solutions and get the input from other successful business, but it also shows that Kährs is part of a systemic change, is part of driving change and is keen on finding new solutions. 

Read more about Sustainability track at Lund University here: New sustainability track at LUSEM attracts big names | Lund University School of Economics and Management

Therése Gerdman, Sustainability Manager at Kährs