2020-04-22 - Kährs Group

Covid-19 - Update from CEO Johan Magnusson

The world is in a state no one has experienced before, new decisions and demands are placed on us as flexible companies, but no matter where in the world we are, we have in common that care and consideration for protecting each other's health comes first. 

This has become even more important and meaningful for us at Kährs these days. 

For example, in Russia, a government decision meant that all production in the country was shut down at the turn of March-April. In the Kaluga region, where Kährs factory is located, the most important factories were allowed to start - on condition that strong sanitary measures were introduced for the health of the employees. After a week we could start our production of wood flooring again! An impressive effort by Kährs’ Russian team that quickly adapted to the conditions. 

At our factories, in Sweden, Finland, Romania, Poland and Russia, our employees can continue to go to work and produce flooring. This is possible because we have introduced new sanitary routines to protect employees' health and safety. 

Covid-19 affects us all and it is with gratitude that I see how my Kährs colleagues around the world have adapted and made the best of the situation - with a strong will to continue to help our customers in the best way.  

After a little more than six months in the role of CEO of Kährs, I am extremely proud, grateful and happy that we can continue to deliver flooring to hospitals, schools and housing in times when this is perhaps more important than ever.   

Johan Magnusson